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Welcome to Carleton Curling Club

Hello everyone!  On behalf of the Board of Directors of Carleton Curling Club, thanks for checking in with us!  It has been a very strange few months as we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic.  Luckily for us, and all of New Brunswick, we have not only flattened the curve but *crushed* it ... Great job, everyone!

As part of a plan for re-opening in the fall, the Board has authorized the creation of a "Return to Play" committee.  This committee will develop a plan, based on Curling Canada guidelines along local and provincial recommendations, and present to the Board for approval.  We are working to have a solid plan in place so that we can return in the fall safely.  Members will receive more information about the progress of this plan soon.

In the meantime .... Curling Canada has released their "Return to Play" guidelines.  This is available on their website by clicking on this link:

We ask for you to take a look through the document and let us know what you think!  Keep in mind that these are only guidelines and some of these may not apply or be possible for our specific club.  But there are going to be changes and things could continue to change, as we adapt and progress through the summer and fall.  But we are interested in your feedback.  Please send us a message here, comment on our Facebook page or email us!  We really want to hear from you!

For now, stay safe and stay healthy.  Wear your masks if required.  Maintain physical distancing.  Obey your local and provincial authorities.  Be kind.  Help when you can.  We are all in this together!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!  

Meredith LeBlanc

Club President

PS - For more links and information from the Government of New Brunswick and the current situation on Covid-19, click the New Brunswick image on the left sidebar or click here!!

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